Mindy Fradkin-Mousaa aka Princess WOW!

Princess WOW! came out of the womb entertaining. She was always making people laugh her whole life naturally. Everywhere she goes kids and adults smile in her presence. Hence, Princess WOW!, The Smile Doctor was born. When she was 9 years new when she booked herself for her own birthday party. She is a lifelong artist along with her husband, Roland Mousaa aka Prince POW WOW.

She is a professional hat designer and has been a fashion stylist in New York City. He is a professional musician/songwriter, and artist whose work has been in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He works with kids at camps and he teaches kids art and music privately. She is a singer/songwriter with her own band, Princess WOW! and Her Smile Revolution Band, which he is involved in.

She is also a natural comedienne and performer with a great deal of energy, fun and good vibrations. Princess WOW! has had her own radio show on WKNY 1490 am in Kingston, NY to promote The Smile Revolution of which she is the founder.

This world wide movement raises conscious awareness to the healing power of a genuine smile. They also both produce concerts to promote The Smile Revolution and he does concerts to help Native Americans. They both write smile songs for children and the "child within us all". Princess WOW! has done birthday parties for years and has now joined forces with her husband to offer more variety and more fun to the birthday celebrations.